Special Series

The Victory of the Gaitanistas - The New Face of Colombian Organized Crime

14 MAY 2014

The mad scramble for criminal power in the aftermath of the demobilization of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) is over. The Urabeños, or as they prefer to call…

Mexico’s Security Dilemma: Michoacan’s Militias

30 APR 2014

Well-armed vigilantes in Mexico's Michoacan state have helped authorities dismantle a powerful criminal organization, but now the government may have a more difficult task: keeping Michoacan safe from the vigilantes…

The War for Guatemala’s Courts

20 APR 2014

Special interest groups have co-opted Guatemala's justice system and blocked the efforts of those trying to clean things up. InSight Crime investigates the backroom players who are pulling strings in…

Uruguay, Organized Crime and the Politics of Drugs

23 JUL 2013

After the lower house passed the controversial marijuana bill July 31, Uruguay is poised to become the first country on the planet to regulate the production, sale, and distribution of…

The Zetas in Nuevo Laredo

22 JUL 2013

After the capture of Zetas boss "Z40," Nuevo Laredo is bracing itself for the worst. This investigation breaks down what makes the city such an important trafficking corridor, and what…

El Salvador's Gang Truce: Positives And Negatives

7 JUN 2013

Whether it is sustainable or not, the truce -- which the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and the Barrio 18 put into place March 2012 -- has changed the conventional thinking about…

FARC, Peace and Possible Criminalization

20 MAY 2013

The possibility of ending nearly 50 years of civil conflict is in sight. While the vast majority of the Colombian public want to see peace, for themselves and especially for…

Juarez after the War

13 FEB 2013

As a bitter war between rival cartels grinds to an end, Ciudad Juarez has lost the title of world murder capital, and is moving towards something more like normality. InSight…

Violence against Migrants

24 OCT 2012

The growth of organized crime in Mexico and Central America has led to an increase in violence and insecurity across the region, posing challenges to citizens, public security forces, and…

Criminal Displacement and Slavery in Latin America

12 SEP 2012

In a collaboration with four online news media organizations in Latin America, InSight Crime looks at the role of organized crime in driving displacement and slavery in the region --…

Legalization - The Gorilla in the Room

9 APR 2012

Though it is not on the agenda of the Sixth Summit of the Americas, to be held April 14-15 in Colombia, the question of drug legalization will be on everyone's…

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