Extortion plagues much of Latin America. The pernicious crime plays out in many ways, and citizens suffer.

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Fishermen Fight Off Pirate Attacks in Ecuador

NEWS / 1 JUL 2021

Fishermen in Ecuador have taken matters into their own hands to combat pirate attacks that have long plagued its coastal provinces.

Land Thieves Drove People From Their Homes in Rosario, Argentina

NEWS / 29 JUN 2021

While the underworld in Rosario, Argentina, is dominated by large criminal groups like the Monos, a lower-profile group carved out a profitable land-grabbing scheme in the city over several years.

The Leones' Revenge - How an Extortion Attempt Went Badly Wrong in Guatemala

NEWS / 25 MAY 2021

A settling of scores in Guatemala left at least eight people dead after the son of a long-dead druglord took revenge for the assassination of his wife, again proving how…

Women Taking Bigger Role in Central America Extortion Schemes

NEWS / 11 MAY 2021

A new report suggests women are increasingly playing an active role in the extortion activities of Central American gangs -- part of a larger pattern in which women's roles in…

Criminal Groups Zero in on Mexico Resort Construction

NEWS / 8 APR 2021

Criminal groups in one of Mexico's most popular tourist regions have found yet another sector to extort and terrorize: hotel builders.

Loan Sharks Circle as Latin America Reels From Pandemic

BRIEF / 3 FEB 2021

As workers across Latin America struggle to stay afloat amid economic strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, loan sharks offering abusive interest rates have cornered the market, forcing workers seeking…

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