Extortion plagues much of Latin America. The pernicious crime plays out in many ways, and citizens suffer.

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Phone Extortion in Mexico Continuing to Rise Despite Low Success Rate

NEWS / 13 OCT 2021

A new report claims the success rate of phone extortion is dropping in Mexico, but the fluid nature of this crime makes it difficult to prove.

In the Riviera Maya, Cartel Extortion Schemes Know No Limits

NEWS / 7 OCT 2021

Despite the pandemic’s economic fallout being felt throughout the Riviera Maya, cartels have continued their extortion schemes in Mexico's popular tourist destination, where their operations have grown to target everyone…

The Digital Gold Rush - 5 Ways Bitcoin Helps Organized Crime

NEWS / 1 OCT 2021

Cryptocurrencies were created to be the cutting edge of finance, allowing users to hold and exchange money independent of government oversight. Now, innovative organized crime outfits throughout Latin America are…

Venezuela's Smaller Gangs Carve Out Local Criminal Fiefdoms

NEWS / 7 SEP 2021

The visual is an arresting one. A Venezuelan army sergeant, his face swollen and his nose bleeding from a beating, is forced to speak on camera and tell his superiors…

Express Kidnappings in Brazil's São Paulo Accelerate with Instant Pay App

NEWS / 1 SEP 2021

The increasing use of an instant money transfer app is driving express kidnappings in the Brazilian city of São Paulo – a crime that now requires no more than a…

Fishermen Fight Off Pirate Attacks in Ecuador

NEWS / 1 JUL 2021

Fishermen in Ecuador have taken matters into their own hands to combat pirate attacks that have long plagued its coastal provinces.

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