Environmental Crime

Environmental crime encompasses a spectrum of illicit activities, including illegal wood, wildlife trafficking, illegal mining and land grabbing.



Stolen Amazon: The Roots of Environmental Crime in Five Countries

BOLIVIA / 8 NOV 2022

Environmental crime respects no borders. This investigation -- conducted with Igarapé Institute -- reveals how wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, illicit gold mining, and slash-and-burn land clearance are spreading across five…


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Brazil Targets Illegal Gold Miners With Force and Legislation

NEWS / 7 MAR 2023

Brazilian authorities are shutting down illegal gold mining on Indigenous lands, yet miners move elsewhere. Legislation aims to stop that.

Wildlife Protection Treaty Hits 50 Amid Challenges

NEWS / 3 MAR 2023

As the CITES treaty hits 50, we take a look at its successes, failures, and future challenges in reducing the illicit trade of wildlife.

Doubts Remain Over Venezuela’s Efforts to Stop Illegal Mining

NEWS / 17 FEB 2023

Venezuela has acted against illegal miners. But with close ties between the state and these mining groups, are efforts genuine?…

Sticks and Carrots: Lula's Balancing Act in Brazil's Crime-Wracked Amazon

NEWS / 1 FEB 2023

Brazil's president Lula is acting quickly to kick out illegal miners and loggers from the Amazon. But the right economic solutions are needed.

Nature Under Threat in Ecuador as Gold Miners Target National Park

NEWS / 20 JAN 2023

Podocarpus Natural Park in southern Ecuador is only the most recent one to be threatened by encroaching gold miners.

Illegal Mining Spreads to Furthest Reaches of Amazon in Ecuador

NEWS / 2 DEC 2022

Illegal gold mining in the remote Ecuadorian province of Napo has grown at a staggering rate. Environmental crime has grown in parallel.


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