Extortion plagues much of Latin America. The pernicious crime plays out in many ways, and citizens suffer.

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Tren de Aragua Brand Spurs Criminal Imposters Outside Venezuela 

NEWS / 6 SEP 2023

Copycat gangs are increasingly posing as Venezuela's Tren de Aragua to extort victims in Peru and Chile.

Venezuelan Extortion Gangs Exploiting Instagram to Amplify Threats

NEWS / 6 SEP 2023

Venezuelan extortion gangs are using Instagram to threaten victims or broadcast videos of their murders.

The Shattered Mafia Behind Criminal Chaos in Zulia, Venezuela 

NEWS / 2 AUG 2023

The Meleán crime family once ruled over Zulia, Venezuela, but their patriarch's death led to a series of murders that left much of the clan dead.

Latin America’s Criminal Bankers: Explaining Colombians' Monopoly on Gota-a-Gota  

NEWS / 28 JUL 2023

Three cases in recent weeks highlight how Colombian groups continue to dominate loansharking schemes across Central and South America…

Fraud Groups Use Deepfakes to Enhance Imitation Scams in Peru 

NEWS / 21 JUL 2023

Imitation scams using deepfakes are one of the ways that organized crime will seek to use machine learning to enhance their activities.

Hybrid Governance and the Criminal Fiefdoms of Tren de Aragua 


Tren de Aragua became Venezuela's most feared homegrown gang by first thoroughly controlling the prison of Tocorón and then, the neighborhood of San Vicente.

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