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Honduras' State of Exception May Set Worrying Precedent

NEWS / 29 NOV 2022

Honduras declared a state of exception as extortion cases rise, suspending constitutional rights in cities and deploying thousands of troops.

Extortion in Northern Triangle Worth Over $1 Billion Annually: Report

NEWS / 3 OCT 2022

Extortion in the Northern Triangle is predominantly done from prisons, yet prison populations have been on the rise.

Express Extortion: Easy Credit Apps Come at a High Cost In Mexico

NEWS / 13 JUL 2022

Scammers in Mexico have yet again evolved their modus operandi by using express credit apps to extort users and drain their bank accounts.

No Chicken, No Tortillas – How Mexican Cities Are Deprived of Staple Foods

NEWS / 17 JUN 2022

Buying fresh chicken in the Mexican city of Chilpancingo proved almost impossible this week. Almost all the chicken vendors had closed after a number of their peers were threatened and…

How Extortion Became Fixed Business Cost for Restaurants in Quintana Roo

NEWS / 30 MAR 2022

For restauranteurs in Mexico's coastal state of Quintana Roo, daily extortion fees are unavoidable. Competing cartels lean on the industry as a bedrock for exploitative financing.

Dominican Republic Cybercrime Ring Shows Extent of Caribbean's Financial Fraud Crisis

NEWS / 9 MAR 2022

The Dominican Republic has dismantled a transnational cybercrime network believed to have defrauded hundreds of US citizens to the tune of more than $200 million, in just the latest example…

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