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How Extortion Became Fixed Business Cost for Restaurants in Quintana Roo

NEWS / 30 MAR 2022

For restauranteurs in Mexico's coastal state of Quintana Roo, daily extortion fees are unavoidable. Competing cartels lean on the industry as a bedrock for exploitative financing.

Dominican Republic Cybercrime Ring Shows Extent of Caribbean's Financial Fraud Crisis

NEWS / 9 MAR 2022

The Dominican Republic has dismantled a transnational cybercrime network believed to have defrauded hundreds of US citizens to the tune of more than $200 million, in just the latest example…

Booming Mexico Resort Town of Puerto Vallarta is Hostage to CJNG

NEWS / 22 FEB 2022

Recent US sanctions against an alleged Jalisco Cartel operative have revealed that the powerful Mexican group is using the resort town of Puerto Vallarta to process drug cash through nightclubs,…

Lime Crisis in Mexico as Cartels Target Farmers

NEWS / 28 JAN 2022

Cartels are known for shakedowns of avocado growers, but lime farmers have been unnoticed victims of similar extortion schemes in Mexico, causing prices to skyrocket.

Mexico Criminals Target Kindergarten After Huge Lottery Earnings

NEWS / 24 NOV 2021

Winning a lottery prize of close to $1 million should have been a positive, life-changing event for a kindergarten and its community in Chiapas, Mexico. It was anything but.

Extortionists Copycat Argentina's Monos Gang

NEWS / 23 NOV 2021

A criminal borrowed the surname of the imprisoned Monos gang boss to receive extortion payments from businesses in the Argentine city of Rosario – a play that smacks of a…

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