GameChangers 2021

In its annual GameChangers series, InSight Crime looks at the room for maneuver organized crime now has, as gangs threaten governments in Haiti and Ecuador, as the US’ influence dwindles and as forests and fisheries are plundered to exhaustion.

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GameChangers 2021: Long on Criminality, Short on Democracy in Year to Come

NEWS / 31 DEC 2021

Prediction of the criminal dynamics for 2022 is even harder than most years, as it involves predicting the march of coronavirus. Organized crime does not exist in a bubble.

GameChangers 2021: US Losing War on Corruption in Central America

NEWS / 30 DEC 2021

The United States, under the Biden administration, was supposed to help curb corruption, but for corrupt officials in Central America, life has rarely looked better.

GameChangers 2021: Barbecue, Gangs and Political Power in Haiti

NEWS / 29 DEC 2021

Jimmy Chérizier, alias "Barbecue," is a complicated individual. For some, he's a Robin-Hood figure. For others, he's a former police officer implicated in one of Haiti's worst massacres.

GameChangers 2021: How Organized Crime Devoured the Amazon Rainforest

NEWS / 28 DEC 2021

There was record destruction of the Amazon in 2020, as the rainforest lost an area around the size of Belize, and the situation looks to be even bleaker in 2021.

GameChangers 2021: No End in Sight for Ecuador's Downward Spiral

NEWS / 24 DEC 2021

Ecuador's descent into violence followed a common path: more cocaine led to more cash and more weapons for the gangs. But it happened faster than anywhere else.

GameChangers 2021: How IUU Fishing Plundered Latin America's Oceans

NEWS / 23 DEC 2021

A spree of illegal fishing occurred across Latin America this past year, much of it driven by competition for diminishing catch.

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