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InSight Crime analyses how power relationships shape hierarchies and norms both inside and outside of criminal organizations, and looks at the gendered impact of organized crime.

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Facing Death and Dismissal, Mexico's Mothers Keep Searching

NEWS / 4 NOV 2022

Mothers searching for their disappeared loved ones in Mexico face increasing threats and killings.

Do Drug Traffickers Deserve Royalties from Narco-Series?

NEWS / 21 SEP 2022

Accused drug trafficker Sandra Ávila Beltrán is demanding she be paid royalties for the “Queen of the South” Netflix series.

How Religious Militias and Warrior Mentalities Mix in Rio de Janeiro

NEWS / 5 SEP 2022

Brazil's city of Rio de Janeiro is suffering a major security crisis, as gender and religion affect organized crime in the city.

Haiti's Gangs Engage in Campaigns of Mass Sexual Violence

NEWS / 23 AUG 2022

Haitian gangs, G9 and G-PEP, have been accused of raping dozens of women in conflict-ridden neighborhoods of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

How a Gender Focus Impacts Argentina's Criminal Cases

NEWS / 17 AUG 2022

Argentina Judge Sabrina Namer explains why criminal courts should include gender perspectives in their decisions.

Dominican Republic Struggles to Curb Rampant Sex Trafficking

NEWS / 11 AUG 2022

A network which sexually trafficked Colombian and Venezuelan women to the Dominican Republic has been dismantled.

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