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Severed Pig Heads - Widespread Cartel Threats Against Mexican Police

NEWS / 3 SEP 2021

Criminal groups in Mexico are posting in public lists of police they plan to kill, and the message often comes with a macabre symbol -- a severed pig head.

How Mexico's Cartels Have Learned Military Tactics

NEWS / 2 SEP 2021

As violence has continued to rise in Mexico year after year, criminal groups have adopted an increasingly militarized approach to their tactics, weaponry and training.

Pablo Escobar

COLOMBIA / 30 AUG 2021

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was the pioneer in industrial-scale cocaine trafficking.

Religious Statuettes Branded as El Koki for Sale in Caracas

NEWS / 23 JUL 2021

Salesmen in Caracas have come up with an enterprising response to the Venezuelan capital’s descent into criminal warfare: selling devotional statuettes dressed like members of El Koki's gang.

'Somos.': One of Mexico's Worst Massacres Told Through its Victims

NEWS / 14 JUL 2021

The new Netflix series, “Somos.,” (We Are), offers a respectful but powerful look at the Allende massacre, one of the most brutal episodes of Mexico's war on organized crime, which…

No More Masks - Jalisco Cartel Members Reveal Their Faces

NEWS / 9 JUL 2021

A series of photos taken in a Mexican town, that has been the focal point of major criminal engagements this year, reportedly shows members of the CJNG with faces uncovered…

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