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E-Scooter Is Vehicle of Choice for Fashionable Argentina Traffickers

NEWS / 3 JAN 2023

E-scooters are helping Argentine drug dealers avoid city traffic and get the goods to their customers on time.

Do Drug Traffickers Deserve Royalties from Narco-Series?

NEWS / 21 SEP 2022

Accused drug trafficker Sandra Ávila Beltrán is demanding she be paid royalties for the “Queen of the South” Netflix series.

‘Forgiveness’ and the Sticky Question of Justice in Mexico

NEWS / 3 AUG 2022

Cartels like the Chapitos have asked for forgiveness from the Mexican people. Will it ever be given?…

From Catwalk to Court Room - The Fall of a Colombian Fashion Designer

NEWS / 14 JUL 2022

A well-known Colombian fashion designer who sold leather handbags to celebrities will be extradited from Colombia to the United States to stand trial for alleged wildlife trafficking in the very first…

How TikTok Shows Untold Truths of Communities Linked to Drug Trafficking

NEWS / 1 APR 2022

Millions of young people around the world document their experiences at work, at school or with their friends on TikTok.

Sicarios of the Sea - Gunmen Ride Jet Skis in Mexico

NEWS / 7 FEB 2022

Stopping near their target, one of the criminals stays on the vehicle while the other jumps off, shoots the victim and leaps back on as they speed away. But in…

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