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How TikTok Shows Untold Truths of Communities Linked to Drug Trafficking

NEWS / 1 APR 2022

Millions of young people around the world document their experiences at work, at school or with their friends on TikTok.

Sicarios of the Sea - Gunmen Ride Jet Skis in Mexico

NEWS / 7 FEB 2022

Stopping near their target, one of the criminals stays on the vehicle while the other jumps off, shoots the victim and leaps back on as they speed away. But in…

Songs of Praise: Gangsters Across Latin America Turn to Narco-Corridos

NEWS / 19 NOV 2021

Once the purview of Mexican drug cartels, the production of pro-gang songs that soothe the egos of powerful criminal overlords are swiftly becoming a region-wide phenomenon.

Who Has the Best Halloween Costume: Pablo Escobar or El Chapo?

NEWS / 29 OCT 2021

The fascination with “narco-culture” has taken over the entertainment and media industries: documentaries, TV shows, movies, podcasts, even a dedicated page on this website.

Severed Pig Heads - Widespread Cartel Threats Against Mexican Police

NEWS / 3 SEP 2021

Criminal groups in Mexico are posting in public lists of police they plan to kill, and the message often comes with a macabre symbol -- a severed pig head.

How Mexico's Cartels Have Learned Military Tactics

NEWS / 2 SEP 2021

As violence has continued to rise in Mexico year after year, criminal groups have adopted an increasingly militarized approach to their tactics, weaponry and training.

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