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Venezuela's Cocaine Revolution - Virtual Panel

4 May 2022

On May 4, InSight Crime will host a virtual event, featuring our Co-director Jeremy McDermott, and a panel of leading experts, Angelica Durán-Martínez, Sebastiana Barráez and Javier Mayorca, to discuss the findings of our latest investigation, "The C...

A Deep Dive Into El Salvador´s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

EL SALVADOR / 23 Mar 2021

In El Salvador, sophisticated freight networks specialize in moving illicit drugs and contraband across Central American borders.

Join us next Tuesday, March 23, for a discussion in which InSight Crime project coordinator Ángela Olaya ...

A Deep Dive Into Argentina´s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

ARGENTINA / 16 Mar 2021

Although Argentina shares a bast border with the largest marijuana producer in the continent, organized crime has evolved slowly and to other dimensions less visible like money laundering

Join us on Tuesday, March 16, for a discussion ...

A Deep Dive Into Brazil´s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

BRAZIL / 4 Mar 2021

Home to some of Latin America’s most sophisticated gangs, Brazil’s criminal actors are omnipresent smugglers along the Southern Cone’s borders. Neighboring Paraguay serves as a refuge for both the gangs and white-collar criminals, including savvy ope...

Key Findings of the Report "The Cocaine Pipeline to Europe"

COCAINE / 2 Mar 2021

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime will be hosting a webinar to discuss the key findings of the report "The Cocaine Pipeline to Europe" with the lead author, Jeremy McDermott, co-director and co-founder of InSight Crime.

A Deep Dive Into Paraguay’s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

PARAGUAY / 25 Feb 2021

Paraguay’s commercial connections, its institutional weakness, and its rampant cannabis production have attracted transnational criminal groups, such as the PCC.

Join us on Thursday, February 25, 2021, for a discussion with our co-dire...

A Deep Dive Into Honduras’ Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

HONDURAS / 16 Feb 2021

Honduras is a key territory for cocaine trafficking and a hub for other criminal economies, such as human smuggling and extortion.

Join us next Tuesday, February 16, for a discussion in which  InSight  Crime Co-director Steven Dudley —...

A Deep Dive Into Guatemala’s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

GUATEMALA / 2 Feb 2021

A weak state presence and widespread corruption continue to enable drug trafficking and other criminal activity in Guatemala’s border regions.

Join us next Tuesday, February 2, for a discussion in which InSight Crime Co-director Steven...

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