A Deep Dive Into Brazil´s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

Home to some of Latin America’s most sophisticated gangs, Brazil’s criminal actors are omnipresent smugglers along the Southern Cone’s borders. Neighboring Paraguay serves as a refuge for both the gangs and white-collar criminals, including savvy operators whitewashing millions of dollars.

On March 4, InSight Crime will host the latest in its series of events, entitled  “Border  Crime:  The  Northern  Triangle  and  the Tri-Border  Area,” delving into Brazil’s cross-border criminal dynamics. InSight Crime co-director Steven Dudley, alongside InSight Crime researcher Vinicius Madureira, will present the findings of two years of investigative work in these border regions, in a discussion moderated by Camila Nunes, researcher at the University of São Paulo's Center for the Study of Violence.



4 Mar 2021


3:00 pm


Live Broadcast in Portuguese  on YouTube and English  on Facebook


Steven Dudley co-director and co-founder of InSight Crime. Dudley is a senior fellow at American University’s Center for Latin American and Latino Studies in Washington, DC. He is the former Bureau Chief of The Miami Herald in the Andean Region, and the author of two books: “Walking Ghosts: Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia” (Routledge 2004) and “MS-13: The Making of America’s Most Notorious Gang” (Harper Collins 2020).

Vinicius Madureira is a Brazilian researcher for InSight Crime, based in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a master’s degree in International Security and Defense from Brazil’s National War College (Escola Superior de Guerra-ESG), and has completed research on security studies and political science. With InSight Crime he has worked on various case studies and was part of the investigative team that delved into the PCC’s criminal world during a thorough investigation into the group’s rise.

Camila Caldeira Nunes Dias is a sociologist and a professor at the Federal University of ABC. She is a researcher at the Center of Violence Studies (NEV) which is part of the Research Unit of the University of São Paulo (PRP-USP). She has conducted research and published books on prisons, criminal dynamics and organized crime, with a particular focus on the First Capital Command (Primero Comando da Capital - PCC).

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