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Mano Dura Redux: The Price of Mass Gang Arrests in El Salvador

NEWS / 15 JUN 2022

El Salvador has arrested over 40,000 alleged gang members. This seems shocking but it is not without precedent in the country.

El Salvador's Security Crackdown May Feed Gang Recruitment

NEWS / 15 JUN 2022

El Salvador's sweeping crackdown, which has seen over 30,000 people arrested, may in fact drive many desperate young people straight into the arms of the gangs.

The MS13 Will Never Be a Gang for Women


Flaca was devoted to the MS13. But after suffering violence, abuse and rape, she turned to the one escape open to her: religion…

The Gospel of Man, in Church and Gang


The MS13 gang and the Pentecostal Church are two worlds seemingly at odds. One man, known as Elvis, has a foot in both.

Panic Over Gang Exodus from El Salvador, But Few Arrested

NEWS / 2 JUN 2022

Since El Salvador's government began a campaign of mass arrests two months ago in a gang crackdown, fewer than 60 suspected gang members fleeing the country have been arrested in…

Will Soaring Arrests in El Salvador Overwhelm its Prisons?

NEWS / 16 MAY 2022

As part of his sweeping gang crackdown, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has overseen the mass imprisonment of tens of thousands of people, potentially jeopardizing recent efforts to mitigate overcrowding…

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