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Evidence of Gang Negotiations Belie El Salvador President’s Claims

NEWS / 24 AUG 2021

A scrapped investigation by El Salvador’s former Attorney General has revealed a massive trove of evidence that the administration of President Nayib Bukele secretly negotiated with three of the country’s…

Did an MS13-El Salvador Govt Pact Temporarily Halt Gang Extraditions?

NEWS / 1 JUL 2021

Multiple sources from the United States and El Salvador say the recent decision to temporarily halt the extradition of several top MS13 leaders to face US charges may be related…

Honduran Fugitive More Money Launderer than MS13 Leader

NEWS / 25 JUN 2021

Prosecutors in Honduras say they will ask Nicaragua to extradite an alleged MS13 leader who has been on the lam for five years since being charged with money laundering -…

‘Blue’: The Story of MS13’s First ‘Terrorist’

NEWS / 23 JUN 2021

On the eve of the extradition of top leaders of El Salvador’s feared Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang to the United States on terrorism charges, InSight Crime recounts the story of…

Honduras Army Faces Backlash After Continued Prison Violence

NEWS / 21 JUN 2021

A massacre between the Barrio 18 and MS13 gangs in Honduras’ most notorious prison raises questions on whether the military is having any impact since taking over responsibility for prison…

'Unforgivable' Director: 'If the Gang Knows You're Gay, They Kill You'

NEWS / 25 APR 2021

The ideas of masculinity, discrimination and homophobia within El Salvador's gangs are at the heart of "Unforgivable," a documentary who explores how these under-reported topics affect gang violence.

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