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How the MS13 Became Lords of the Trash Dump in Honduras

NEWS / 19 JAN 2022

Where Honduras ends, there are no borders, no guards, no gate post. This is where a nation vanishes with no fanfare.

El Salvador's Gangs Send Message in Blood

NEWS / 16 DEC 2021

Though El Salvador stands on track for another record low in homicides this year, the country was recently shaken by a three-day killing spree, a bloody reminder that its newfound…

3 Security Takeaways from Xiomara Castro's Historic Win in Honduras

NEWS / 30 NOV 2021

Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro appears to have ridden a wave of outrage to become Honduras' next president, beating out her right-wing rival in the ruling party, which has come…

MS13 Profits From Marijuana Boom in Honduras

NEWS / 11 NOV 2021

Honduras has seen a surge in marijuana seizures and plantations, indicating a booming trade in illegal cannabis that stands to benefit the country’s largest street gang. …

Is the MS13 in Honduras Expanding its Role in the Regional Drug Trade?

NEWS / 5 NOV 2021

US prosecutors have charged an alleged MS13 leader in Honduras and another man thought to be one of his main drug and weapons providers with international cocaine trafficking charges, raising…

Evidence of Gang Negotiations Belie El Salvador President’s Claims

NEWS / 24 AUG 2021

A scrapped investigation by El Salvador’s former Attorney General has revealed a massive trove of evidence that the administration of President Nayib Bukele secretly negotiated with three of the country’s…

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