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El Salvador Police Reports Contradict Bukele's Triumphalism

NEWS / 22 SEP 2023

Confidential police reports reveal that the three main gangs operating in El Salvador remain a real threat.

How El Salvador’s Police Creates, Uses Its Gang Database

NEWS / 22 SEP 2023

A close look at El Salvador's Police Information System, which is used to collect and analyze information on criminals in the country.

The Timebomb That Exploded Twice: Behind the Massacres in Honduras' Women's Prison


The PNFAS has been the scene of two massacres. For years, the tension between Barrio 18 and MS13 escalated.

El Salvador Escalates Gang Crackdown With New Measures 

NEWS / 4 AUG 2023

Military crackdowns and mass trials show that there's no end in sight in El Salvador's anti-gang state of exception.

Honduras Anti-Gang Crackdown Targets Only One Source of Violence 

NEWS / 28 JUN 2023

The Honduran government's anti-gang crackdown risks oversimplifying the causes behind the country's violence.

Acquittal of Top MS13 Leader Weakens El Salvador’s Anti-Gang Rhetoric 

NEWS / 20 JUN 2023

The acquittal of "El Barney" raises questions about El Salvador's approach to targeting gang leaders amid the state of exception.

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