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‘Mula’: The Bridge Between MS13 and Mexican Mafia in Tijuana, Mexico

NEWS / 23 MAR 2023

Nelson Alexander Flores Pacheco, alias "Mula", was the liaison between the Mexican Mafia and the MS13 in Tijuana, Mexico.

MS13’s Mexico Program Key to El Salvador Gang Negotiations

NEWS / 1 MAR 2023

US authorities have made several arrests that could strike a big blow to the MS13’s Mexico Program.

Is Nayib Bukele's 'Iron Fist' in El Salvador Working?

NEWS / 9 FEB 2023

In El Salvador, crackdowns have led to rapid improvements in security. But there is real doubt about whether gangs are gone for good or what Bukele’s real motives may have…

Southern Mexico Extortion Suggests Migration of Central American Gangs 

NEWS / 30 JAN 2023

While thousands of gang members have been arrested in El Salvador, some may have moved their activities to Mexico.

GameChangers 2022: El Salvador's Gang Crackdown Has Steep Human Rights Cost

NEWS / 26 DEC 2022

El Salvador's ruthless gang crackdown has led to mass incarceration and human rights abuses. But will it be replicated elsewhere?…

True Cost of El Salvador’s War on Gangs Still Being Tallied

NEWS / 6 DEC 2022

The escalation of El Salvador's gang crackdown in the city of Soyapango has raised severe questions as to whether gang members are really still being rooted out.

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