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Honduras' State of Exception May Set Worrying Precedent

NEWS / 29 NOV 2022

Honduras declared a state of exception as extortion cases rise, suspending constitutional rights in cities and deploying thousands of troops.

El Salvador's Attorney General Worked for Top MS13 Ally

NEWS / 31 OCT 2022

Rodolfo Delgado, El Salvador's Attorney General, may have worrying connections to Jorge Manuel Vega Knight, an alleged money launderer and MS13 collaborator…

‘Viejo Santos’: The Decline of an MS13 Leader Wanted in the US

NEWS / 12 OCT 2022

US and Guatemalan authorities will tell you Moises Humberto Rivera Luna, alias "Viejo Santos," is a top member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13). But is he?…

US-El Salvador Tensions Rise With Extradition of Top MS13 Leader Blocked For Now

NEWS / 6 OCT 2022

El Salvador will hold off on extraditing a top MS13 gang leader to the United States to face terrorism charges.

A Cartel Bodyguard in Mexico’s 'Hot Land'


In the mountains of Michoacán, Mexico, Carlos was trained to become a ruthless soldier for the Cárteles Unidos.

El Salvador Arrests Thousands but Gangs Keep Their Guns

NEWS / 26 JUL 2022

Almost four months into a nationwide crackdown, El Salvador's government has failed to disarm its notorious street gangs.

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