Tri-Border Areas: Two infamous regions in Central America and the Southern Cone, where countries, criminal actors and economies all intersect.

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Border Crime: The Northern Triangle and the Tri-Border Area

11 JAN 2021

InSight Crime has spent two years chronicling criminal activity in Central America’s Northern Triangle and the Southern Cone’s Tri-Border Area – two regions pivotal to transborder crime. We have mapped…


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US Senators Seek Sanctions Against Honduras President

NEWS / 24 FEB 2021

Eight Democratic senators have sent the first signals that the United States will divorce itself from Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández amid mounting allegations of drug trafficking, saying in a…

Drugs, Porous Borders, Politics and Crime in Honduras

NEWS / 17 FEB 2021

Following the capture of some of its biggest criminal names, organized crime in Honduras has gone through a metamorphosis that has opened the door to ambitious politicians and gangs alike.

One Party, Many Crimes: The Case of Honduras’ National Party


The party that has governed Honduras since 2010 has become a federation that welcomes politicians and officials involved in criminal businesses ranging from timber to drug trafficking to the misappropriation…

Biden and Central America's Anti-Corruption Crusade

NEWS / 15 FEB 2021

Hopes are high in the Northern Triangle, that the arrival of Joseph Biden and his administration to the White House will lead to the creation of a regional commission that…

InSight Crime Presents Guatemala Cross-Border Crime and Corruption Investigation

NEWS / 4 FEB 2021

Drug trafficking has been reconfigured in Guatemala. The large clans that traditionally dominated the business have broken up.

A Mayor and a Wave of Narco Violence on Guatemala's Pacific


The mayor of Moyuta, Guatemala, knows how to do politics and business along the rough and tumble Guatemalan-Salvadoran border.


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