Tri-Border Areas: Two infamous regions in Central America and the Southern Cone, where countries, criminal actors and economies all intersect.


Border Crime: The Northern Triangle and the Tri-Border Area

11 JAN 2021

InSight Crime has spent two years chronicling criminal activity in Central America’s Northern Triangle and the Southern Cone’s Tri-Border Area – two regions pivotal to transborder crime. We have mapped…


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InSight Crime’s Cocaine Seizure Round-Up 2022

NEWS / 8 MAR 2023

InSight Crime reviews Latin America and the Caribbean's cocaine seizure date from 2022 to find out what it reveals about regional trafficking.

Extortion in Northern Triangle Worth Over $1 Billion Annually: Report

NEWS / 3 OCT 2022

Extortion in the Northern Triangle is predominantly done from prisons, yet prison populations have been on the rise.

GameChangers 2021: US Losing War on Corruption in Central America

NEWS / 30 DEC 2021

The United States, under the Biden administration, was supposed to help curb corruption, but for corrupt officials in Central America, life has rarely looked better.

3 Security Takeaways from Xiomara Castro's Historic Win in Honduras

NEWS / 30 NOV 2021

Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro appears to have ridden a wave of outrage to become Honduras' next president, beating out her right-wing rival in the ruling party, which has come…

Controversial Legal Reforms in Honduras Continue Country's Anti-Corruption Legacy

NEWS / 5 NOV 2021

A package of controversial legislative reforms became law in Honduras this week, further sinking any lingering efforts to combat corruption in the country. Approved earlier in…

US Senators Seek Sanctions Against Honduras President

NEWS / 24 FEB 2021

Eight Democratic senators have sent the first signals that the United States will divorce itself from Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández amid mounting allegations of drug trafficking, saying in a…


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