US/Mexico Border

A range of criminal economies thrive along the US-Mexico border, as organized crime groups regularly ferry drugs, weapons and people across it.


US-Mexico Data Dashboard

17 DEC 2021

Want to know what illegal drugs are coming into the United States and where they are crossing the border? InSight Crime has compiled years of seizure data from US Customs…


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Desperation in the Desert: The Industrialization of Migrant Smuggling on the US-Mexico Border

NEWS / 5 OCT 2022

Along the US-Mexico border, a booming migrant smuggling industry is closely monitored by organized crime groups.

Military Arsenals Provide Convenient Source of Weapons for Latin American Gangs

NEWS / 4 OCT 2022

Corruption, no supervision, and poor legislation have led to Latin American military weapons ending up in criminal hands.

Outgoing Mexico Governor To Lose Immunity From Long-Pending Arrest Warrant

NEWS / 30 SEP 2022

Outgoing governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, is about to lose immunity from an arrest warrant.

Record Fentanyl Seizures and Migrant Encounters on US-Mexico Border Are Unrelated

NEWS / 28 SEP 2022

Migrant encounters and seizures of the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl are often erroneously conflated and linked together.

Do Drug Traffickers Deserve Royalties from Narco-Series?

NEWS / 21 SEP 2022

Accused drug trafficker Sandra Ávila Beltrán is demanding she be paid royalties for the “Queen of the South” Netflix series.

Human Smugglers Outsourcing Drivers, Wreaking Havoc on US-Mexico Border

NEWS / 20 SEP 2022

Authorities in Arizona are sounding the alarm about the rising use of outsiders as drivers for human smuggling.

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