US/Mexico Border

A range of criminal economies thrive along the US-Mexico border, as organized crime groups regularly ferry drugs, weapons and people across it.

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US Drug Deaths Explode, Fueled by Mexico Production of Synthetics

NEWS / 19 JUL 2021

The United States saw a record toll in drug overdose deaths last year, driven in part by two powerful synthetic drugs mass-produced in Mexico and then smuggled over the border.

'Somos.': One of Mexico's Worst Massacres Told Through its Victims

NEWS / 14 JUL 2021

The new Netflix series, “Somos.,” (We Are), offers a respectful but powerful look at the Allende massacre, one of the most brutal episodes of Mexico's war on organized crime, which…

Did Guatemala Military Help Escort Sinaloa Cartel's Cocaine?

NEWS / 8 JUL 2021

A US investigation has shed light on the alleged participation of Guatemalan soldiers in a cocaine smuggling network linked to Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel, a reminder of the pivotal role the…

Did an MS13-El Salvador Govt Pact Temporarily Halt Gang Extraditions?

NEWS / 1 JUL 2021

Multiple sources from the United States and El Salvador say the recent decision to temporarily halt the extradition of several top MS13 leaders to face US charges may be related…

Reynosa Massacre Arrests Raise More Questions in Mexico

NEWS / 30 JUN 2021

The embattled governor of a northern border state in Mexico is touting the timely arrests of those allegedly responsible for a grizzly June massacre, but doubts remain as to who…

Cartel War or General Chaos: Behind the Killing Spree in Reynosa, Mexico

NEWS / 22 JUN 2021

Though the motive for the rampage in the northern Mexican border city of Reynosa that left scores of civilians dead remains unexplained, security experts point to three possible scenarios: a…

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