US/Mexico Border

A range of criminal economies thrive along the US-Mexico border, as organized crime groups regularly ferry drugs, weapons and people across it.


US-Mexico Data Dashboard

17 DEC 2021

Want to know what illegal drugs are coming into the United States and where they are crossing the border? InSight Crime has compiled years of seizure data from US and…


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Guatemala Ex-Colonel Says Military Helped CJNG Run Drugs 

NEWS / 24 MAY 2023

Guatemala's military was corrupted by Mexico's CJNG, a former Guatemalan colonel has confirmed during a drug trafficking trial in the US.

Gulf Cartel Still ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ on US-Mexico Border: Homeland Security

NEWS / 18 MAY 2023

Despite the CJNG moving into Mexico's northern state of Tamaulipas, the Gulf Cartel remains the foremost security threat along the US border.

Is Mexico’s CJNG Pushing the Gulf Cartel From Tamaulipas?

NEWS / 17 MAY 2023

Some believe the CJNG’s invasion of Tamaulipas is all but a sure thing despite the Gulf Cartel’s historical roots, others are not convinced.

How Fentanyl Is Synthesized in Mexico


The difficulty of sourcing finished fentanyl from China has Mexican groups acquire precursor chemicals to synthesize fentanyl themselves.

5 Takeaways From US Indictments of Chapitos, Associates

NEWS / 17 APR 2023

US prosecutors have provided an unprecedented look at how the Chapitos operate in Mexico and how they dominate the fentanyl trade.

Are Fentanyl Trafficking Routes Shifting on the US-Mexico Border? 

NEWS / 6 APR 2023

Over the last eight months, US officials have seized more illicit fentanyl at Arizona’s ports of entry than anywhere else on the US-Mexico border.

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