US/Mexico Border

A range of criminal economies thrive along the US-Mexico border, as organized crime groups regularly ferry drugs, weapons and people across it.


US-Mexico Data Dashboard

17 DEC 2021

Want to know what illegal drugs are coming into the United States and where they are crossing the border? InSight Crime has compiled years of seizure data from US and…


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Trial of Mexico's Former Top Cop May Shine Light on Weaknesses of US Drug War

NEWS / 17 JAN 2023

The trial of Mexico’s former top public security official will reveal shortcomings in the fight against organized crime.

How Will Ovidio's Arrest in Mexico Affect Sinaloa Cartel and the Fentanyl Trade?

NEWS / 9 JAN 2023

Mexico has arrested one of El Chapo's sons, Ovidio, at a bitter cost. But will it make a difference to the Sinaloa Cartel?…

GameChangers 2022: How the Chapitos Became Hyper-Capitalist Narcos

NEWS / 23 DEC 2022

The Chapitos are winning the internal war for the Sinaloa Cartel and doing it in a different way than their father ever considered.

Human Smugglers Take to the Waves Along Mexico’s Pacific Coast

NEWS / 20 DEC 2022

Increased security on land borders is forcing more migrants to enter Mexico from Guatemala by sea, running the risk of drowning.

With Legalization, Marijuana Trafficking Routes Evolve Along US-Mexico Border

NEWS / 13 DEC 2022

The legalization of marijuana at the state level in the US has forced organized crime groups in Mexico to adapt and look for new markets.

Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations' New Marijuana Strategies


In response to changes in the international marijuana trade, Mexico-based drug trafficking groups have shifted their strategies.

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