US/Mexico Border

A range of criminal economies thrive along the US-Mexico border, as organized crime groups regularly ferry drugs, weapons and people across it.

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Cyclones, Scorpions and Old School Killers - The War for Tamaulipas

NEWS / 6 OCT 2021

It was so simple once. The Gulf Cartel and its ancestors maintained control of Tamaulipas for eight decades.

Accusations against Mexico’s Former Top Cop Grow in US Courts

NEWS / 30 SEP 2021

Evidence and accusations are piling up against Mexico's former top security official Genaro García Luna, as US prosecutors proffer new records in their case alleging he pocketed bribes from drug…

Jalisco Cartel Sets Off Alarm Bells Along Mexico-Guatemala Border

NEWS / 23 SEP 2021

The Jalisco Cartel New Generation, which has rapidly expanded to become Mexico's greatest criminal threat, may now be spreading its influence in a new area: the border with Guatemala.

As Marijuana Profits Dry Up, Mexico Crime Groups Turn to Alcohol and Logging

NEWS / 8 SEP 2021

Mexico remains the main international provider of marijuana for the United States, but this has greatly diminished since 2013, forcing certain criminal groups to adapt and look for other funds.

Record Remittances from US to Mexico Raise Money Laundering Concerns

NEWS / 1 SEP 2021

The Mexican government is highlighting a record number of remittances sent back to the country by citizens living in the United States this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but organized…

The Zetas’ Model of Organized Crime is Leaving Mexico in Ruins

NEWS / 30 AUG 2021

It was a Saturday, around 12:30 p.m. local time, when a caravan of three vehicles loaded with well-armed men and at least one woman began a violent rampage through Reynosa,…

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