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Guatemala's Huistas Clan Faces US Sanctions, $10 Million Reward

25 MAR 2022

InSight Crime’s extensive coverage of notorious Guatemala drug group – the Huistas – gained media attention after the United States government sanctioned the organization and offered $10 million…

InSight Crime's In-Depth Coverage of US-Mexico Border Crime Recognized

18 MAR 2022

The once-feared Zetas have left a powerful imprint on Mexico’s underworld. Their ruthlessness and frequent acts of barbarism affected the way cartels fight each other, and authorities, to…

The Complexity of Michoacán

11 MAR 2022

InSight Crime’s continuing coverage of Mexico’s Michoacán state received recognition as the country’s former ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, retweeted our latest article,…

In the News

4 MAR 2022

InSight Crime takes pride in its investigators being go-to sources for media reporting on organized crime. Colombia investigator Javier Lizcano was featured by Colombia’s Cable Noticias, a…

Training Tomorrow’s Investigators

25 FEB 2022

InSight Crime continues to strengthen its collaboration with academic institutions around the region. One of our longest-standing partnerships is with Bogotá-based Universidad del Rosario on the …

MS13 & Co.

18 FEB 2022

Though the mere mention of the MS13 still conjures an image of warring, tattooed gang members, the reality is that the group now functions more like a mafia. This week,…

International Appeal for Homicide Round-Up

11 FEB 2022

Now in its eighth year, InSight Crime’s Homicide Round-Up has become an annual reference point for policymakers and commentators around Latin America and the Caribbean.  Providing a detailed…

Threats to the Netherlands, Citizen Security Challenges in the Caribbean

4 FEB 2022

Co-director Jeremy McDermott continued to highlight InSight Crime’s work to international agencies, giving a talk to some 130 Dutch officials and diplomats on the transnational organized crime threats to the…

The World Trade Center of Cocaine

28 JAN 2022

A week after InSight Crime revealed how the port of Santos in Brazil had become the “world trade center” for cocaine shipments, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), one of…

InSight Crime/American University Tackle How Criminal Networks Operate Across Latin America

21 JAN 2022

InSight Crime, in partnership with American University's Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS) in Washington, has completed a ground breaking study on the…

InSight Crime's Readership Trends Up

14 JAN 2022

InSight Crime is happy to report that our readership climbed 20 percent in 2021, reaching more than 3.3 million unique visitors. Each day, at least 11,000 people view …

InSight Crime Featured in Guide to Covering Organized Crime

7 JAN 2022

InSight Crime Co-director Steven Dudley has written a guide to covering drug trafficking based on his decades of experience working in the world’s leading region for the drug…

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Escaping Barrio 18

27 JAN 2023

Last week, InSight Crime published an investigation charting the story of Desafío, a 28-year-old Barrio 18 gang member who is desperate to escape gang life. But there’s one problem: he’s…


Europe Coverage Makes a Splash

20 JAN 2023

Last week, InSight Crime published an analysis of the role of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport as an arrival hub for cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico.  The article was picked up by…


World Looks to InSight Crime for Mexico Expertise

13 JAN 2023

Our coverage of the arrest of Chapitos’ co-founder Ovidio Guzmán López in Mexico has received worldwide attention.In the UK, outlets including The Independent and BBC…


InSight Crime Shares Expertise with US State Department

16 DEC 2022

Last week, InSight Crime Co-founder Steven Dudley took part in the International Anti-Corruption Conference organized by the US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, & Labor and…


Immediate Response to US-Mexico Marijuana Investigation

9 DEC 2022

InSight Crime’s investigation into how the legalization of marijuana in many US states has changed Mexico’s criminal dynamics made a splash this week appearing on the front page of…