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A Deep Dive Into Guatemala’s Criminal Dynamics and Its Borders

A weak state presence and widespread corruption continue to enable drug trafficking and other criminal activity in Guatemala’s border regions.
Join us next Tuesday, February 2, for a discussion in which InSight Crime Co-director Steven Dudley — and investigators Héctor Silva and Alex Papadovassilakis — delve into Guatemala´s cross-border criminal dynamics. The event will be moderated by Marielos Monzón, coordinator of the Ciclos de Actualización para Periodistas (CAP), a Guatemala-based program that provides journalists with workshops to hone their skills. It is part of a series of country-by-country presentations titled “Border Crime: The Northern Triangle and the Tri-Border Area,” in which InSight Crime presents findings of investigative work carried out during the last two years in these border regions.

Live Broadcast in  Spanish  on Youtube and English on Facebook

Time: 5:00 pm (Central America)


Drug trafficking and other transborder crime is rife along Guatemala’s borders, helped out by widespread corruption and a limited state presence. In border towns across the country, traffickers wage bloody turf wars to dispute even minor smuggling routes, often forging alliances with mayors to facilitate their business.

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