Elites and Organized Crime

How elites corrupt and criminalize the political, economic and social spheres of life.

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US Announcement Against Corrupt Paraguay Official May Signal Shift

NEWS / 9 APR 2021

Recent punitive action taken by the United States against Paraguayan officials has reinforced how far corruption underpins the South American nation’s thriving trade in drugs.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Adds to Venezuela Money Laundering Risk

NEWS / 7 APR 2021

Venezuela is increasingly turning to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, raising questions about its possible use in laundering money and evading US sanctions, not unlike the way Venezuela already uses the gold…

Venezuela Kingpin’s Arrest Leaves Power Vacuum on Caribbean Coast

NEWS / 6 APR 2021

Recent drug charges against a little-known but powerful Venezuelan businessman come as a surprise given that he allegedly operated with impunity for decades on the country's northern coast.

In El Salvador, a New Security Minister With a Dubious Past

NEWS / 2 APR 2021

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has appointed a new security minister whose alleged ties to officials and political operators accused of corruption raise concerns about the government's commitment to transparent…

Uncertainty for Honduras President After Brother’s Life Sentence

NEWS / 31 MAR 2021

A judge in the United States sentenced the brother of Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández to life in prison for drug trafficking, closing one case but increasing tensions between the…

Latin America Elites Seek Corrupt Access to Vaccines

NEWS / 30 MAR 2021

The seizure in Mexico of COVID-19 vaccine smuggled aboard a private plane linked to a Honduran textile magnate marks the first instance of alleged transnational vaccine smuggling in Latin America…