Elites and Organized Crime

How elites corrupt and criminalize the political, economic and social spheres of life.

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Killing of Brazil's Top Militia Leader Raises More Questions Than it Answers

NEWS / 16 JUN 2021

Rio de Janeiro’s foremost militia leader has been gunned down by police, potentially shattering the belief that militias in the city were protected due to connections with authorities. But was…

3 Security Challenges Facing Peru’s Incoming President

NEWS / 11 JUN 2021

In arguably the most polarizing election Peru has seen in its history, voters have selected, by a razor-thin margin, a leftist rural school teacher over the daughter of a former…

Coup de Grâce for El Salvador's Anti-Corruption Commission

NEWS / 7 JUN 2021

The announcement of the end of El Salvador’s anti-graft commission, which had been backed by the Organization of American States, could be the nail in the coffin for international investigative…

Nicaragua Government Weaponizes Criminal Charges to Block Opposition

NEWS / 4 JUN 2021

With his leading opponent under house arrest for money laundering charges, Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega appears to be weaponizing the justice system to block his competition before upcoming presidential elections.

Loophole Spurs Large-Scale Land Grabs in Brazil

BRAZIL / 4 JUN 2021

A government registry in Brazil has been used to designate millions of hectares of Amazon forest as rural lands, in a process that critics say fuels state-sanctioned land grabs and…

Why is Veracruz Mexico's Most Dangerous State for Political Murders?

NEWS / 3 JUN 2021

Running for office in Mexico means risking one's life. Just one week ahead of local elections on June 6, at least 89 political candidates had been killed during the current…

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