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Haiti Gangs Embrace Political and Police Chaos

NEWS / 31 JAN 2023

Haiti's security crisis is about to see another major evolution as gangs look to become the de facto authority in much of the country.

Genaro García Luna


The US trial of Genaro García Luna, the architect of Mexico's war on drugs, will seek to prove whether he was helping the Sinaloa Cartel.

GameChangers 2022: El Salvador's Gang Crackdown Has Steep Human Rights Cost

NEWS / 26 DEC 2022

El Salvador's ruthless gang crackdown has led to mass incarceration and human rights abuses. But will it be replicated elsewhere?…

Historic Judgement Shows How Guatemala Is Still Fighting Its Past

NEWS / 12 DEC 2022

Guatemala's former President Otto Pérez Molina and former Vice President Roxana Baldetti were sentenced to 16 years in prison on December 7.

Panama Became Logistics Hub for Drug Trafficking 'Super Cartel'

NEWS / 9 DEC 2022

Panama has become a reliable drug trafficking logistics hub for cocaine shipments to Europe, as in the recent Super Cartel case.

From Maverick to Crook: The Predictable Downfall of Peru's Pedro Castillo

NEWS / 8 DEC 2022

Pedro Castillo, Peru's fallen maverick president, faces charges depressingly similar to four of his predecessors.

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