Elites and Organized Crime

How elites corrupt and criminalize the political, economic and social spheres of life.

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Guatemala Elites Flex Muscle, Excluding Leading Presidential Contender

NEWS / 26 MAY 2023

Carlos Pineda, the leading candidate in Guatemala's presidential elections, has been removed from the race on a technicality.

Guatemala Ex-Colonel Says Military Helped CJNG Run Drugs 

NEWS / 24 MAY 2023

Guatemala's military was corrupted by Mexico's CJNG, a former Guatemalan colonel has confirmed during a drug trafficking trial in the US.

Paramilitary Commander Salvatore Mancuso Reveals AUC’s Connections in Colombia

NEWS / 23 MAY 2023

Salvatore Mancuso, a leader of Colombia's demobilized paramilitary group the AUC has offered insights into the group's crimes and influence.

How Scrap Metal Became a Criminal Enterprise in Venezuela  

NEWS / 15 MAY 2023

The illegal sale of scrap metal has become another earner for government officials and military figures in Venezuela.

Paraguay Election Dims Chances of Corruption Crackdown

NEWS / 5 MAY 2023

Santiago Peña won Sunday’s election for Paraguay’s presidency. But questions remain about how the country’s corruption problems will be solved.

Venezuela's New Asset Forfeiture Law Unlikely to End Corruption

NEWS / 4 MAY 2023

Venezuela's new asset forfeiture law seeks to act against corrupt state actors and criminals. But is its successful implementation likely?…

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