Elites and Organized Crime

How elites corrupt and criminalize the political, economic and social spheres of life.

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Drug Trafficking and Political Protection in Paraguay: The Case of ‘Cucho’ Cabaña


In a Paraguay border state, drug traffickers and dirty politicians find common ground, and political fights spill into the underworld.

Venezuela Oil Crisis May Set Limits on PDVSA Impunity

NEWS / 25 FEB 2021

Venezuelan officials may have finally met a PDVSA corruption scandal they cannot allow to go unpunished, hinting at just how dire the country’s oil and gas shortage has become.

Venezuela’s Saab Story Continues With Benefit Concert

NEWS / 25 FEB 2021

As alleged Maduro financier Alex Saab awaits potential extradition to the United States, the Venezuelan government decided that a concert catered by a company linked to Saab’s illicit activities would…

US Senators Seek Sanctions Against Honduras President

NEWS / 24 FEB 2021

Eight Democratic senators have sent the first signals that the United States will divorce itself from Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández amid mounting allegations of drug trafficking, saying in a…

One Party, Many Crimes: The Case of Honduras’ National Party


The party that has governed Honduras since 2010 has become a federation that welcomes politicians and officials involved in criminal businesses ranging from timber to drug trafficking to the misappropriation…

La Paz, Honduras

HONDURAS / 16 FEB 2021

The department of La Paz does not house any major transnational criminal economies or established criminal actors.