Elites and Organized Crime

How elites corrupt and criminalize the political, economic and social spheres of life.

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Alleged Money Launderer Álex Saab Facing US Justice Triggers Fallout from Venezuela

NEWS / 19 OCT 2021

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro's aggressive reaction to the extradition of accused money launderer and ally Álex Saab – who appeared for the first time before a US judge to face…

Inviting War into Venezuela


The photos showed five dead bodies laid out in the dirt, each with a gun or grenade close to an outstretched hand. The official report stated these were guerrillas who…

Accusations against Mexico’s Former Top Cop Grow in US Courts

NEWS / 30 SEP 2021

Evidence and accusations are piling up against Mexico's former top security official Genaro García Luna, as US prosecutors proffer new records in their case alleging he pocketed bribes from drug…

Memo Fantasma Wants Out of Prison in Colombia

NEWS / 29 SEP 2021

Accused paramilitary drug lord “Memo Fantasma,” or “Will the Ghost,” has petitioned a judge to be let out of a Colombian prison while he awaits trial. Worth millions of dollars…

Top El Salvador Officials Embroiled in Food Aid Theft Investigation

NEWS / 21 SEP 2021

A scrapped investigation into alleged food aid theft by officials in the administration of El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has provided the first clear evidence that the government has systematically…

Is Dominican Republic Making Gains in Anti-Corruption Fight?

NEWS / 13 SEP 2021

The dismantling of a drug trafficking and money laundering network implicating government officials in the Dominican Republic has presented a serious challenge to President Luis Abinader’s anti-corruption drive.

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