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Monos Leader Continues to Call the Shots from Behind Bars

NEWS / 10 SEP 2021

Violence is rocking Argentina’s port city of Rosario just as the leaders of its biggest gang, the Monos, are on trial for allegedly orchestrating a series of attacks against the…

How Mexico's Cartels Have Learned Military Tactics

NEWS / 2 SEP 2021

As violence has continued to rise in Mexico year after year, criminal groups have adopted an increasingly militarized approach to their tactics, weaponry and training.InSight Crime sat down with Robert…

Killings Pile Up in Uruguay Due to Brazil Gang War

NEWS / 24 AUG 2021

Localized gang warfare in Brazil's state of Rio Grande do Sul has sparked a security crisis along its border with Uruguay.

Homicides Pile Up in Ecuador in Revenge for Key Drug Seizure

NEWS / 20 AUG 2021

Seven people were gunned down in Guayaquil after a record cocaine seizure – in a revenge attack that shows ripples in the equilibrium of drug gangs responsible for the storage…

Vigilante Death Squad Sends Bloody Message in Brazil-Paraguay Border Region

NEWS / 9 AUG 2021

A shadowy vigilante death squad operating on the Brazil-Paraguay border is killing supposed thieves and then leaving notes next to their mutilated bodies -- a macabre message even for a…

Extermination Sites - The New Depths of Mexico's Disappearance Crisis

NEWS / 4 AUG 2021

Families combing for clues about their vanished loved ones at recently discovered extermination sites in northern Mexico have turned to local cartel leaders for help - revealing their desperation to…

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