An exploration into what drives and what prevents homicides.

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Rage, Rinse, Repeat – The Futile Cycle of Anger at Rio’s Police

NEWS / 7 MAY 2021

The stranger burst into the house, staggering and leaving a trail of blood behind him. He ran into the back, into the bedroom of the nine-year-old girl. Police were not…

Colombia’s City of Cali Dealing with Fallout of Prosecutor’s Arrest

NEWS / 6 MAY 2021

In the past year and a half, two murder cases have shaken the city of Cali: the slaying of its lead organized crime prosecutor and the massacre of five youths…

Haiti Massacres Reveal Active Gang Support from Police, Officials

NEWS / 3 MAY 2021

A new report by Harvard Law School and a Haitian crime observatory has confirmed government officials and police actively facilitated a series of gang-led attacks in the Caribbean nation, showing…

Smaller Mexico Cities Now Most Violent in the World

NEWS / 1 MAY 2021

Mexico has once again dominated a list of the most violent cities in the world but smaller towns have now shot up the rankings, reflecting new hotspots where criminal groups…

Report: Soaring Disappearances in El Salvador Linked to Gang Pacts

NEWS / 21 APR 2021

A recently published report warns that pacts made between gangs and public officials to lower homicides in El Salvador will only promote the wider use of forced disappearances…

Deadly Ambush of 13 Police Meets Little Government Response in Mexico

NEWS / 24 MAR 2021

A bloody ambush on a police unit in the state of Mexico, in which thirteen officials were shot dead, is exposing the Mexican government’s failure to control escalating violence outside…