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Costa Rica's Devil - Bloody Drug Feud Catches Authorities Off Guard

NEWS / 24 NOV 2021

An unusually drawn-out feud between two rival gangs in northern Costa Rica has left over 150 people dead in five years, with authorities making a renewed push to end the…

Klansman Trial Reveals Jamaica’s Sophisticated Gang Dynamics

NEWS / 16 NOV 2021

Rival factions, secret burial sites, homicidal bosses – the ongoing trial of dozens of members of the Klansman gang in Jamaica is shedding light on how criminal groups function on…

Panama's Gang Wars Growing Worryingly Vicious

NEWS / 3 NOV 2021

Two attacks in recent days against gang members in Panama City have raised alarm bells that acts of shocking violence could become a regular occurrence in the country.

Mexico's Caribbean Jewel of Tulum Dealing With Rapid Rise in Violence

NEWS / 3 NOV 2021

One of the most sought-after destinations in all of Latin America, the Caribbean resort town of Tulum is now the most violent tourist hotspot in Mexico, ahead of Tijuana and…

The Drug Lord and the Governor's Daughter - Quadruple Homicide in Paraguay

NEWS / 20 OCT 2021

The killing of four young people in Paraguay’s border city of Pedro Juan Caballero has led back to an imprisoned man who was once its most-wanted drug trafficker, revealing systemic…

Ecuador’s Prison Slaughterhouse a Warning to Rest of Latin America

NEWS / 30 SEP 2021

Ecuador is reeling from its worst-ever prison massacre in Guayaquil but the factors that led to this situation could well be replicated in other countries across the region.

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