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Barbados at Crossroads with Rising Homicide Rate

NEWS / 1 JUN 2021

With its homicide rates higher than ever in 2019 and 2020, Barbados is now confronting a difficult question: will it be able to bring the violence down or will it…

Killings of Journalists Show Hand of Organized Crime

NEWS / 24 MAY 2021

Of the nearly 140 reporters killed in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Honduras during the past decade, about half covered organized crime.

The Elevated Risks Facing Young Men in Rosario, Argentina

NEWS / 24 MAY 2021

Young men make up a quarter of homicide victims in Rosario, according to a new report, driving home the fact that those under 21 are far more likely to join…

Dedicated Hitmen - The New Modus Operandi in Ecuador

NEWS / 20 MAY 2021

A string of brazen targeted killings in Ecuador showcases how violence between the country's criminal gangs is continuing to spiral out of control.

Rage, Rinse, Repeat - The Futile Cycle of Anger at Rio's Police

NEWS / 7 MAY 2021

The stranger burst into the house, staggering and leaving a trail of blood behind him. He ran into the back, into the bedroom of the nine-year-old girl. Police were not…

Colombia's City of Cali Dealing with Fallout of Prosecutor's Arrest

NEWS / 6 MAY 2021

In the past year and a half, two murder cases have shaken the city of Cali: the slaying of its lead organized crime prosecutor and the massacre of five youths…

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