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No Chicken, No Tortillas – How Mexican Cities Are Deprived of Staple Foods

NEWS / 17 JUN 2022

Buying fresh chicken in the Mexican city of Chilpancingo proved almost impossible this week. Almost all the chicken vendors had closed after a number of their peers were threatened and…

Ecuador Gangs Talk of Peace but May Keep Preparing for War

NEWS / 9 JUN 2022

Ecuador's two leading drug gangs are talking the talk when it comes to peace, but walking the walk may be a step too far.

St. Lucia's Soaring Murder Rate Equals Other Caribbean Nations

NEWS / 7 JUN 2022

Several brutal killings have shaken the small Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia, as murders in the country reach record levels.  …

From Copper Theft to Ransomware - Chile's Criminal Challenges Begin to Mount

NEWS / 1 JUN 2022

A new report by Chilean think tank AthenaLab has laid bare Chile's ever-increasing spectrum of criminal threats, from copper theft and illegal fishing to cybercrime and weapons trafficking.

Why Are Trinidad and Tobago's Gangs Becoming More Violent?

NEWS / 31 MAY 2022

Top authorities in Trinidad and Tobago have warned legislators that the Caribbean island nation is likely to see a rise in violent crimes, as gangs splinter and bounce back from…

Costa Rica's Limón Province Becomes Murder and Drug Trafficking Center

NEWS / 23 MAY 2022

Killings linked to drug trafficking disputes are soaring in Costa Rica’s Caribbean province of Limón, as surging cocaine flows and legacies of gang violence continue to undermine stability in one…

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