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Costa Rica Breaks Homicide Record Amid Security Coordination Struggles

NEWS / 26 SEP 2023

Homicides are higher than ever in Costa Rica as authorities struggle to find the coordination required to tackle issue.

Escobar’s Former Hitman Takes the Road to 'Total Peace' in Medellín, Colombia


Pablo Escobar's former hitman, Henry Holguín, explains how he exchanged killing for peacebuilding ahead of Colombia's Total Peace talks.

Is Northeast Cartel Expansion Driving Killings of Police in Nuevo León, Mexico? 

NEWS / 7 SEP 2023

Killings of police officers in Mexico’s northern state of Nuevo León have increased 143% between 2019 and 2022 amid a broader uptick in homicides, which overlaps with the Northeast Cartel’s…

Gaitanistas and Tren de Aragua Unlikely to War Over Bogotá, Colombia

NEWS / 29 AUG 2023

Videos and pamphlets allegedly published by the Gaitanistas in Bogotá have made Venezuela's Tren de Aragua a target.

DataInSights: The Cocaine Problem Ecuador's Presidential Candidates Cannot Wish Away

NEWS / 28 AUG 2023

We take a rough look at how much cocaine goes through Ecuador, how this amount has grown, and how it has coincided with rising homicides. …

Colombia's 'Total Peace' 1 Year On: Less State Violence, Stronger Criminal Groups

NEWS / 24 AUG 2023

Colombia's President Petro announced his Total Peace plan 12 months ago. But how has his flagship policy played out?…

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