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Ecuador Prison Quietly Released Top Albanian Cocaine Kingpin

NEWS / 18 NOV 2022

Ecuadorean prison authorities quietly released Dritan Rexhepi, Albania's most notorious cocaine trafficker, last year.

Violence Rising in Hidalgo, Mexico's Oil Theft Center

NEWS / 17 NOV 2022

Hidalgo, Mexico faces a rise in violence connected to a parallel increase in oil theft.

Uruguay's Gang Wars Worsen in Montevideo Neighborhoods

NEWS / 15 NOV 2022

Villa Española and Peñarol in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, have become the center of fighting between local drug trafficking gangs.

Why Are Murders Spreading Across Argentina's Most Violent City?

NEWS / 8 NOV 2022

Argentina’s most violent city, Rosario, looks set to beat its homicide record set one decade ago. But the city’s criminal landscape has drastically changed.  …

Facing Death and Dismissal, Mexico's Mothers Keep Searching

NEWS / 4 NOV 2022

Mothers searching for their disappeared loved ones in Mexico face increasing threats and killings.

Murder Record Broken in Northern Ecuador as Gang Feuds Fuel Violence

NEWS / 28 OCT 2022

Murders in Esmeraldas, northern Ecuador, have exploded. Gangs battling for control of drug trafficking routes are to blame.

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