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Why Mega-Prisons Holding Tens of Thousands Won't Make a Difference

NEWS / 25 NOV 2022

Failing prison systems and entrenched corruption mean mega-prisons holding tens of thousands won't solve insecurity in Latin America.

Ecuador Prison Quietly Released Top Albanian Cocaine Kingpin

NEWS / 18 NOV 2022

Ecuadorean prison authorities quietly released Dritan Rexhepi, Albania's most notorious cocaine trafficker, last year.

Transfers of Gang Leaders Focus Points for Ecuador’s Prison Violence

NEWS / 7 NOV 2022

The transfers of top gang leaders from prison to prison in Ecuador often precede outbreaks of horrifying violence.

Peace Between Ecuador’s Warring Gangs Appears Further than Ever

NEWS / 7 OCT 2022

Any chance of peace between warring gangs in Ecuador appears to be defunct after another two massacres.

Haitian Prisoners Face Starvation and Death

NEWS / 19 SEP 2022

Haiti prisons are overcrowded and judicial system failing, leading to prisoners dying of starvation.

The Bosses Who Run Venezuela's Most Lawless Prisons

NEWS / 26 AUG 2022

Venezuela's prisons have failed to stop the country's most dangerous criminals, these can run criminal empires from behind bars.

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