In this investigative series, InSight Crime tells the story of how coveted border territories have been transformed into fertile breeding grounds for corruption in Central America’s Northern Triangle and the Southern Cone’s Tri-Border Area – two of Latin America’s most crime-ravaged regions. Installments will be published from January to March 2021.

Based on two years of investigative reporting and extensive fieldwork, we explore the importance of state participation in transnational crime syndicates, from dirty cops to corrupt mayors to paid-off judges, and even narco-administrations.

InSight Crime has developed an interactive dashboard that allows users to explore different types of criminal activities and groups in both regions.

Investigation Chapters

Chasing Brazil’s Premier Money Launderer

There were few better at money laundering than the Brazilian Dario Messer, who, while scrambling to save himself from Brazilian authorities, did one last tour of his prime refuge, Paraguay, where he sought help from many of his partners in crime, including the Paraguayan president.